Preparing for public access requirements

Even though many  agencies are still releasing information about public access policies, there are several ways for researchers to prepare for compliance, regardless of funding source:

  • Think about your research data. Because many agencies will require you to make research data available in public repositories, it will need to be properly organized and described. Even before you begin a research project, you can decide how you will manage data throughout the entire lifecycle. Rice’s Research Data Management Team is available to work with you on a number of research data-related issues.
  • Review publication agreements. Be sure the agreement allows you to comply with applicable funding agency policies. This may mean retaining the right to deposit the final peer-reviewed version of your manuscript in a disciplinary or institutional  repository. Y
  • Keep track of the final, peer-reviewed version of your manuscripts. Many funding agencies require you to provide a copy of this version for deposit in a designated repository.  The “final, peer-reviewed manuscript” is the version that includes all modifications resulting from the peer review process, but before the publisher formats or copy edits the manuscript.