Policy overview

  • Complete NOAA policy [PDF]
  • Publications:
    • Applicable content: NOAA technical reports, professional papers, and peer-reviewed publications.
    • Article version to submit: Final, peer-reviewed manuscript* (or publisher copy, with permission)
    • Designated repository: Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Stacks
    • Grantees will be required to submit a digital copy of final pre-publication manuscripts to the NOAA Institutional Repository once accepted for publication and the final pre-publication copy is available.
  • Research data:
    • Data and Publication Sharing Directive for NOAA Grants, Cooperative Agreements, and Contracts
    • FAQ for Data Sharing for NOAA Grants PD
    • Data management plan required.**
    • All quality-controlled observations, and all data used to support the conclusions of a peer-reviewed publication, should be archived for long-term preservation. Awardees will be required to make the data publicly available “no later than time of publication of a research paper based on the data, or no later than 2 years after data collection is complete, or no later than 2 years after the original end date of the grant (not including extensions), whichever is earliest.”
    • Unless otherwise noted in the federal funding announcement, funding to address data sharing must be requested as part of the proposal to collect/create data.

Key dates

  • Anticipated implementation date:  2016

Additional resources

  • None at this time


* The “final, peer-reviewed manuscript” is the version that includes all modifications resulting from the peer review process, but before the publisher formats or copy edits the manuscript.

**To learn more about developing a data management plan, please see the DMPTool (Rice is a member) or contact the Office of Proposal Development at

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