National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Policy overview

  • NIH public access plan [PDF]
  • Publications:
    • Applicable content: Agency-funded, peer-reviewed publications
    • Article version to submit: Final, peer-reviewed manuscript* (or publisher copy, with permission)
    • Designated repository: PubMedCentral
      • A journal may or may not assist with submission of a manuscript. Final responsibility for compliance rests with the awardee, and the consequences of non-compliance (including delays in award processing) are born by the awardee.
  • Research data**

Key dates

  • Applies to manuscripts accepted for publication on or after April 7, 2008.

Additional resources


* The “final, peer-reviewed manuscript” is the version that includes all modifications resulting from the peer review process, but before the publisher formats or copy edits the manuscript.

**To learn more about developing a data management plan, please see the DMPTool (Rice is a member) or contact the Office of Proposal Development at

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