Managing Publications & Data for Compliance

Compliance with funder public access policies requires management of both publications and research data. All members of research teams should know where to find manuscripts and data sets in case they are requested by the funder (sometimes, years after publication). Fortunately, there are several resources at Rice that can help with management:

Publications: Use Fondren Library’s publication management plan template to guide discussions about topics such as file naming and sharing, storage, tracking and compliance, and long-term preservation and access. An accompanying worksheet can be included in a collaborative workspace to ensure that all team members follow agreed-upon guidelines.

Research data: A research data management plan (DMP), required by most funders, can help research teams outline how they will manage their research data throughout the research lifecycle. Rice’s Research Data Management Team offers support on a number of issues, including  creating a data management plan, describing and organizing data, storing data, and sharing data.