Department of Energy (DOE)

Policy overview

  • Complete DOE policy [PDF]
  • Publications:
    • Applicable content: Agency-funded, peer-reviewed publications, excluding classified or restricted research findings, as allowed by law, regulation or policy.
    • Article version to submit: Final, peer-reviewed manuscript* (or publisher copy, with permission).
    • Designated repository: DOE PAGES.  All researchers receiving DOE funding will be required to submit metadata and a link to the full-text accepted manuscript (or the full text itself) to PAGES. Publishers who participate in DOE’s public access activity will submit article metadata and links to PAGES. Classified or protected data will not be made publicly available.
      • Submission of accepted manuscript is done through the corporate E-Link System.
  • Research data:
    • Data management plan required.**

Key dates

  • Anticipated implementation date: Applies to awards made on or after October 1, 2014.
  • By October 1, 2015, there should be an agency-wide policy for data management planning. Additional requirements may exist for each office.

Additional resources

* The “final, peer-reviewed manuscript” is the version that includes all modifications resulting from the peer review process, but before the publisher formats or copy edits the manuscript.

**To learn more about developing a data management plan, please see the DMPTool (Rice is a member) or contact the Office of Proposal Development at

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